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Carara National Park
Birdwatching tour.

Tour description

   This is undoubtedly one of the best birding sites in the central pacific of CR. Carara NP it's located about 1.5hrs away from Manuel Antonio, it's position in a transition zone where the tropical rain-forest meets the dry forest makes this park the perfect home for both rain-forest and some dry-forest species, gathering different habitats such as primary and secondary rain forest, gallery forest, thickets, grasslands, rivers and others, simply a must visit to any birder coming to CR. 

The drive to this park allows for some stops along the drive to get specific targets before even getting into the park. Carara can be birded as a half day as well as a full day, also including some nearby hot spots to add more species to the list.

Tour timing

* Tour length: From 6hrs for a morning to 10hrs for a full day trip. 

* Start Time: 5:00am/4:45am depending on the season.


​Birdwatching in Carara is very interesting, Scarlet Macaws, Antbirds, Tinamous, wrens, Puffbirds, Jacamars, Trogons, Manakins and Motmots are main target species at this park.

Group size

This tour is offered as a completely private experience for your party. I do not mix groups of birdwatchers due to the different experience levels. Please notice this is not a tour I offer for children.

What to bring?

Binoculars, a bird-watchers essential tool.

Wear dry-fit-type clothing, long sleeves and long pants are best. Wear walking shoes or hiking sandals, hat/cap, bring plenty water, as well as any snack you wish for the morning as there is no where to buy food in Esquipulas.

Sun block and insect repellent are NECESARRY, particularly during the rainy season.

manuel antonio nature guide

During the tour, we use a Swarovski ATX 65mm Telescope, the industry's best optics for clients to look at the wildlife up close with such great detail, an added bonus is the possibility to digiscope, so please make sure to also bring your smartphone!

Carara birding tour 1.jpg

Carara is excellent for Antbirds, perhaps one of the best spots in CR for Streak-chested Antpitta.



- Is this tour good for children? This is not a service I offer to families with small children. Patience is often a must in any bird-watching activity, unless the child has been grown into birdwatching I would not suggest this tour and instead I would suggest to look at tours such as Manuel Antonio NP nature tour.

- Do we get a list of the birds seen? Absolutely! I will email a list or share the observations via eBird platform.

- How can we pay?  Cash please, USA dollars or CR colones or combination.

- How do I reserve? Please send me an inquiry, provide the required information and your questions. No deposit required, you can pay after the tour is complete.

- Large parties rates?  Please inquire.

- We want to do a longer tour, is this possible? Yes, we can bird carara all day if wanted, including some local spots during the middle of the day to add more species. Carara closes at 4:00pm.

- If we have our own vehicle, can we use it? Yes, please let me know when you inquire so I can ride with you to Carara and you can save on the transportation expense.

- What gear do you provide? I use a Swarovski ATX 65mm Telescope, You have to bring your own binoculars. As a bird guide I am geared with a pointer and bird Audio when needed and ethically permitted (i.e. no playback to nestling or endangered species). 

Esquipulas birding tour f.jpg

Birding tours are treated as private services. Carara NP.  is a very quiet place and non-crowded compared to Manuel Antonio NP.

Thank you for your message! please allow 24 to 36 hrs for a response.

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