Thanks to the many great experiences I had been exposed to as a naturalist and birding guide, I had been exploring the photography part of it, hoping to capture some nice subjects and moments. It is another way to see the natural world!

   As part of a fund-raising campaign, in hopes to improve my photography gear and skills I had decided to put some of my photos for sale, they are in large, high-resolution format that can be printed in Canvas, you can order yours via email, I can have them sent to any USA address (looking for contacts in other countries too) or have them printed for you when you visit Manuel Antonio National park.

If you are interested to acquire any of these beautiful souvenirs please inquire via email and I can get you a quote, please indicate the size that you are interested. Thank you so much for your support!

keel biled toucan SHARE ss.jpg

All photos by Johan Chaves 

Scarlet macaw
Orange-billed Sparrow
“Hide and seek”
Long-snouted olive tree frog
Jumping pit-viper ._
Long-tongued bat
2.8 L macro lens
King and black SHARE
The helmet-headed #lizard is a relative
A zebra Longwing finds a place to spend
Cramer’s Redring _#butterfly #nature #ma
Resplendent #quetzal _Costa Rica. ._
Starting the week with energy! ._
#nice and #simple.
Common Potoo during a birding outing in
The Dull-mantled Antbird is found on the
Sylvia’s leaf frog photographed on the w
Female Green #kingfisher _I was patient
The White-nosed Coati is a true characte
Wasp moth
Punta Catedral at #manuel_antonio_nation
American pygmy-kingfisher _#birds #birds
Prothonotary Warbler at Coto 47 during a
Scarlet-thighed Dacnis
Least Sandpiper is a very common NA migr