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Photo Gallery

   Thanks to the many great experiences I had been exposed to as a naturalist and birding guide, I had been exploring the photography part of it, hoping to capture some nice subjects and moments. It is another way to see the natural world!

   As part of a fund-raising campaign, in hopes to improve my photography gear and skills I had decided to put some of my photos for sale, they are in large, high-resolution format that can be printed in Canvas, metal or other materials. You can order yours via email, find one that you like from the images below so I can email the full size file. Prices start $15 per image. I am sure one of this image can bring one of your walls at home a tropical touch!

If you cannot find something you like, send me an email with the photograph that you are looking for, I might have just what you are looking for.


Thank you so much for your support!

Johan chaves bird guide

All photos by Johan Chaves 

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