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Manuel Antonio bird guide

Wildlife Of Manuel Antonio National Park. 

I have been leading tours for nearly 18 years now at Manuel Antonio NP, a park who has seen me grow in many areas of my life. Inspired by my best friend who was a mentor during my initial years, I passionately wrote my wildlife guide because of my deep love and appreciation for the natural world and its inhabitants. Through my guide, I aimed to share my extensive knowledge and experiences with others, hoping to inspire a greater understanding and respect for wildlife. My passion for conservation and desire to educate others about the importance of protecting our planet's biodiversity were driving forces behind my endeavor. I envisioned my guide as a tool to empower readers to connect with nature, fostering a sense of stewardship and encouraging responsible interaction with wildlife. Overall, my dedication to preserving and celebrating the beauty and diversity of the natural world fueled my passion for creating a comprehensive and insightful wildlife guide.

How to purchase a copy?

Wildlife of Manuel Antonio National park is available both as paperback or Kindle on Amazon. Or alternately you can purchase a digital PDF copy directly with me, which can be saved on your digital device. The cost is us$12 and can be paid via Paypal, just send me an email via and let me know your interest.

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