Manuel Antonio National Park - Natural history tour

    This is the experience that any visitor that is looking forward to explore, learn and see the wildlife that lives in this area of Costa Rica should not miss!

   Manuel Antonio NP is one of the most diverse parks of the country, during a relatively easy walk it can produce a good array species and certainly lifelong lasting memories.  

   The tour to Manuel Antonio National Park consists of a 2 - 2.5 hour walk geared to all audiences. This is not a strenuous hike, but rather a slow paced walk in order to not miss out on any of the natural life in the park! This is a nature history walk geared to those who are keen about seeing and learning about the diverse life this wonderful park has to offer, both animal and plants. 
Naturally it cannot be guaranteed what you will see, but common animal sightings include monkeys, sloths, some birds, reptiles, frogs, interesting insects and so, so much more. Trails are all-age friendly, and easy to do. After our visit you can either head back to your hotel or enjoy the rest of the day inside the park as there are beautiful beaches to swim at. Getting back to the hotel is fairly easy, either by taxi or bus.

During the tour, we use a Swarovski ATX 65mm Telescope, the industry's best optics for clients to look at the wildlife up close with such great detail, an added bonus is the possibility to digiscope, so please make sure to also bring your smartphone!


- Is this tour good for children? Yes, this is an all-age friendly activity, however, families with small children are suggested to book private tours. Given the children's curious nature, it is best to focus the attention on them.

- Is there a children's discount? Children aged 11 or younger  pay less than adults due to a cheaper entrance fee. Their rate is $6 cheaper than adults. Anyone aged 12 years or older pay full fee.

- How can we pay?  Cash please, USA dollars or CR colones or combination.

- How do I reserve? Please send me an inquiry (see form below) provide the required information and your questions. No deposit required, you can pay after the tour is complete.

- How big are your groups? My collective groups are very small as I am keen to offer personalized attention and activities unlike large companies that create groups with 10 or 12 people in their tours! My groups tend to be 8 people max. Private tours are also available.

- Large parties/family rates?  Please inquire below.

- We are interested in a hiking tour, is this possible? My tour is a nature history walk. If you wish to hike the trails of the park to cover those harder/steeper trails you can do that on your own, after our tour is complete. This tour is intended to see wildlife. 

- If we have our own vehicle, can we meet you at the park gate? Yes, please let me know when you inquire so I can discount the non-needed transport. Please note: a parking fee will be charged as the park does NOT have its own parking so all options are private parking outside the gate and fairly close to the park. I will provide directions via e-mail.

Start time: between 6:50am to 7:30am depending where we meet or the season. An earlier start helps to avoid some of the crowds during the holiday seasons.


Collective groups are small, with a maximum of 8 people, unlike other commercial tours which can often be up to 12 people.

What to bring? Sun block, insect repellent, water, swimsuit if you plan to stay at the beach after the tour is finished, rain gear during the wet months (May to November).


Please wear shorts and runners/walking shoes, consider dry-fit clothing or similar for hot-humid weather. There are NO SALES inside the park, so please bring water, and snacks if you plan to stay at the beach after the tour. Please note that the ONLY food allowed at the park is fruit, bread, sandwiches, fun-sized cookies and cereal bars. NO peanuts, chips, fries, or similar, nor cigarettes or alcoholic drinks are allowed. Bags will be inspected by park officers before entering the park.
If there is any health condition in your party (e.g diabetes) and you need to bring special diet/food please feel free to do so, park rangers will allow those special cases.

*There are showers, bathrooms and changing rooms inside.

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