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El Rey rice fields and marsh

     El Rey is located roughly 10km south of Quepos, the rice fields and marshy conditions plus the location of the place between large oil-palm plantations makes El Rey an important stop site for many migrant birds during both northern and southern migrations. It is excellent for the typical waterbirds including herons and egrets, storks and roseate spoonbills, Kingfishers but also other species associated to the habitat, including Scrub Greenlet, Seedeaters, Blue-ground Dove, some Hawks, and Warblers.

Due to the small size this is only offered as an add on to Esquipulas to make a full morning. This might not be available during the driest months.

El Rey birdwatching.jpg


- Is this tour good for children? No, this is not an activity I recommend or offer to families with small children.

- How can we pay?  Cash please, USA dollars or CR colones or combination.

- How do I reserve? Please send me an inquiry (see form below) provide the required information and your questions. No deposit required, you can pay after the tour is complete.

- How big are your groups?  Birding tours are completely private, this is a very specialized service, mixing different birding skills in a group is not recommended.

- We have no previous birding experience, is this a tour for us? Birding tours require minimum birding skills, each member MUST have

their own binoculars. However, if you have binoculars and are willing to start early for a great experience I will be happy to cater a tour for beginners. 

- If we have our own vehicle, can we meet you in Esquipulas? Yes, please let me know when you inquire so I can discount the non-needed transport. I will provide directions via e-mail.

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