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Photography tour at Manuel Antonio.

We offer bird and wildlife photography outings to those visiting Manuel Antonio area, or Costa Rica in general. 

The Manuel Antonio National park trails allow a good approach to many animals and plants, making it possible to explore macro, plant, bird and wildlife photography. If you are specifically a bird-photographer, other areas such as Esquipulas deliver a larger array of bird species.

We offer:

- Night Macro photography workshops

- Hummingbirds (In the San Gerardo de Dota area).

- Bird photography in Esquipulas.

- Wildlife photography at Manuel Antonio NP.

Just sent me an email describing what type of photography you are looking for and I can provide details.

Manuel Antonio photography tour

What to bring? Any camera gear/lenses you wish, depending on what type of photography you plan to do. Essentially Telephoto, macro and wide angle lenses. Tripod and lighting (flash). Batteries and memory cards. Rain gear.

Sun block, insect repellent, water, swimsuit if you plan to stay at the beach after the tour is finished, rain gear during the wet months (May to November).

This is a completely private service.

Request a tour:

Thanks! Message sent.


- Is this tour good for children?  A lot of time is required to compose photos properly, patience is a must. Small children often struggle with this. Still, if you are visiting with small children it is possible, we just have to adjust our time to them.

- How can we pay?  Cash please, USA dollars or CR colones or combination.

- How do I reserve? Please send me an inquiry (see form below) provide the required information and your questions. No deposit required, you can pay after the tour is complete.

- How big are your groups? Photography tours are private. 

- My spouse/travel companion is not a photographer, is this ok? Absolutely, they will have plenty of time to enjoy nature up close and learn about it while you photograph.

- Is the park too busy for photography? It can be busy during the holidays yes. 

- We want to photograph as much wildlife as possible: Excellent, send me a detailed email please.

- If we have our own vehicle, can we meet you at the park gate? Yes, please let me know when you inquire so I can discount the non-needed transport. Please note: a parking fee will be charged as the park does NOT have its own parking so all options are private parking outside the gate and fairly close to the park. I will provide directions via e-mail.

manuel antonio bird watching and natutoure tours
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